Top 5 questions — How to build the EcoHouse

As home consciousness grows, people want their homes to be as eco-friendly as possible. Here's how to build a safe and comfortable home with an eye on conserving natural resources   What is an EcoHouse? An ecohouse is a house or flat that is built according to environmental regulations. Such a house uses materials and technology that reduce its energy needs and carbon footprint. A house is considered eco-friendly if it has: a high level of thermal insulation; it uses renewable energy sources (the sun, wind , natural thermal sources) to provide the functionality of appliances, communications and heating; natural light is used as much as possible; all made of natural materials; Energy-efficient glazing: suitable technologies are implemented to protect the dwelling from heat loss; rainwater or wastewater collection structures are installed; a compost bucket or toilet is installed. The idea of building eco-houses is not new. In 1996, a 300-square-metre zero-emission house was built not


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